Netherlands: Muslim-convert councilman wants opponents of Islam to be ‘destroyed’

Arnoud van Doorn, a converted Muslim and local politician in The Hague, tweeted that he hopes for the enemies of islam to be ‘guided or destroyed’. After an angry response from other Twitter users, Van Doorn did not back down. When a Muslim Twitter user suggested that ‘Muslims should pray for justice, not violence’, Van Doorn stated ‘praying for guidance or the destruction of our enemies is the same as praying for justice’.

Arnoud van Doorn used to be in Geert Wilders’ Party For Freedom (PVV), but a few months after he was ditched in 2011 he converted to Islam. He was a city councilman for the local islamic political party Party For Unity (PvdE), and he now serves on its board.

Last year he was accused by PVV city councilwoman Willie Dille of having a group of Muslims abduct and gang rape her. Dille committed suicide two days after making these allegations. Van Doorn has denied involvement, but in a later interview refused to rule out that Dille was gang raped as a ‘favor’ to him.

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