Netherlands: ‘Night Of The Refugee’ hijacking national holocaust remembrance site to play politics

The “Night Of The Refugee” in The Netherlands is an annual event in which the fanatical left can walk off their white guilt in a noctural hike, meant to symbolize the ordeal that illegal immigrants go through to get to Europe. This year, the organizers decided to politicize the holocaust to make their point, because people leaving their homes behind, paying several thousands to human traffickers to take them to Europe (or the nearest NGO ferry service) and upon arrival demand your share of Free Stuff is totally the same as millions being rounded up, put in concentration camps and being murdered in industrialized genocide. Right?

This year’s start and finish location of the hike is Kamp Westerbork, which during the Second World War was used by the Nazis as a transit camp. Over 100,000 Jews and Gypsies were transported by the Nazis to concentration and annihilation camps in other countries. Apparently the people organizing this event saw a great opportunity to conflate the holocaust with the current migration crisis and to implicitly associate opponents of mass illegal immigration as Nazis. But mostly this decision is in obscenely poor taste, and may be added to a growing list of historical remembrance locations that the left is hijacking to play politics.

By cooperating with this, the keepers of Camp Westerbork are aligning themselves with the likes of the Anne Frank Foundation in Amsterdam, which sadly has become a front for far left activism (it engages in partisan politics, slanders politicians and political organizations and propagates the mainstream creed of open borders and multiculturalism – precisely the things that have brought us the concrete blocks placed outside the Anne Frank House in 2016 to protect the historical site against terrorism.

According to Dutch journalist Bart Schut, the organizers of the Night Of The Refugee are removing or obscuring all references to Jews and the holocaust from Kamp Westerbork. The organization seems very pleased with their location, as they have announced that they are “delighted to have found the beautiful start location, Westerbork!”

Two years ago, I wrote about the Night Of The Refugee in Dutch, addressing that the political and media establishment is not making distinctions between actual refugees (about 3% of the total) and illegal immigrants who are merely exploiting the tragic fate of refugees to make their way to Europe. As long as this distinction is not being made, walking all night in support of refugees means walking in support of the rapists, terrorists and fundamentalist Muslims.

Mass immigration and the refugee crisis are two separate political challenges, and they should be tackled separately. The left should be at least as eager to reduce the number of asylum tourists coming to Europe.
It’s not Geert Wilders or Donald Trump who undermine support for asylum seekers among the Western populations – it’s illegal immigrants. And if the left wants to change the image people have of asylum seekers as rapists, gay-haters and Muslims fundamentalists, then wouldn’t the best way to go about that be to remove the rapists, gay-haters and Muslims fundamentalists from the group?

Mass immigration influences every single serious political debate we are having in the West right now. Whether it is about immigration, integration, islamization, terrorism, military interventions abroad, the welfare state, the EU, borders, safety or the economy – these are not effective, honest debates as long as the inflow migrants is not under control. Until we know who are coming, how many of them there are, where they are going, what they will do, how much it will cost us and how long they will stay, no other significant political debate can come to a satifsfactory conclusion.

But I’m sure walking around to forget the holocaust for a night will make a lot of people feel better about themselves.

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