Netherlands: prison with convicted islamic terrorists has library with ‘jihad books’

Jihad books are available at the prison library of the penitentiary in Vught, The Netherlands, which also has a cell block for terrorists. Deradicalization of terrorists is one of the main aims of the prison’s terrorists’ wing. However, the library carries books, available to all prisoners including convicted islamic terrorists, that promote violent jihad, suicide attacks and the humiliation of Jews and Christians.

According to the responsible government department, it is true that the books are available at the prison, but they state that ‘not just everybody’ can borrow them. Because apparently it’s fine for convicted criminals who are not yet terrorists to read this material. Several MP’s are asking the Justice Minister for an explanation.

Western governments continue to underestimate the reality of the existential ideological battle in which we are embroiled. One of the great mysteries of our time is how a war can be waged against a civilization so openly and so vehemently without the target civilization even acknowledging it, and how its leaders are actively assisting in their own downfall.

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