Netherlands: the left continues to hijack WWII Memorial Day for pro-immigration agenda

May 4th was Memorial Day in The Netherlands, marked by two minutes silence an 8PM to commemorate the fallen during the Second World War and in armed conflicts since then. Last year, left-wing activists hosted their own remembrance ceremony apart from the national remembrance services, to focus on the lives lost by refugees (well, mirgants posing as refugees). This year, the left continued their attempt to hijack this solemn occasion for their pro-immigration agenda.

First, the organizing committee (for Memorial Day and Liberation Day) made their cover photo on Facebook a picture of a woman in a headscarf, ignoring that the piece of clothing is a powerful symbol not of freedom, but of oppression. Still, the text on the headscarf says “Pass On Freedom”. To add insult to injury, the remembrance ceremonies always draw almost all-white crowds, and this in one of the country’s most “diverse” cities, Amsterdam.

It didn’t end there. The organizating committee shared a video on Twitter of a group of their “freedom ambassadors” traveling to the border between Croatia and Serbia, “where thousands of refugees attempt to cross every day”. Dragging one of today’s most polarized political debates into what should be a national moment of reflection is just a bad idea, period. It illustrates the hubris of the left-wing establishment that they feel comfortable enough to do so anyway.

As the mainstream shifts further and further to the left, the radical left automatically shifts to more extreme standpoints and methods as well.

Activists from the Palestine Platform replaced the street sign for Dutch resistance heroin Hannie Schaft (1920-1945) with another sign they made themselves, bearing the name of Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian girl who was sent to prison in Israel after attacking an Israeli soldier who stood in her yard. Tamimi’s family is notorious for glorifying terrorism and celebrating Israeli deaths. They are not the peacefully protesting family Amnesty International made them out to be, and they are not innocent. To replace one of The Netherlands’ true heroes, who gave her life fighting for the country, with a terrorism-supporter in a complex and distant conflict is outrageous. Even if the arrest of Tamimi was unjustified (and that is a bif IF), World War II Resistance heroes are not the domain of clandestine political activism.

Lastly, a group of activists announced they would go to the nationally televised ceremony in Amsterdam and stage a “noise protest” during the two minutes’ silence. After a judge prohibited the intended protest, organizer Rogier Meijerink (known for staging far-left squatters’ protests and riots in Utrecht years ago), intended to go ahead with his plans anyway, and slammed the court as a “colonial institute”, because there is never not an occasion to use left-wing buzz words. Motor clubs and football hooligans announced they would be present to stop any noise protests, and Meijerink retracted his plans after all. During the ceremony, about 10 minutes before the two minutes silence, one man screamed loudly during a solemn and quiet moment and was promptly apprehended and removed by police.

Right-wing freelance journalist and author Joost Niemoller commented on Twitter:

There were a lot of far-left maniacs in the eighties. Very violent, too. But even then, nobody had the completely disturbed idea to destroy Remembrance Day. This shows how much they have sunk below their rock bottom.

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