Netherlands: there is too much wrong with this story to fit in a headline

After President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, there were violent anti-semitic outbursts from Muslim communities across Europe. In Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a man with a Palestinian flag destroyed a Kosher restaurant. Dutch authorities refuse to acknowledge this as being a terrorist attack and seem more determined to not offend the Muslim population than to defend anyone else against the Muslim population. This is being handled so badly that even Sweden may be facepalming when they read about it.

In the following days we learned that the attacker was a Syrian who came to The Netherlands as an asylum seeker, stated he fighted in the Syrian army, while he actually fought against the Assad regime (probably with Jabhat al-Nusra or Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis, which is related to Hamas). The man received combat and weapons training in Syria and was fully prepared for combat. During the police interrogation, the man declared that he would use violence again (later adding that he would do so outside of the Netherlands) and that he was prepared to die a martyr for his cause.

The man also declared he was not anti-semitic and had no terrorist intentions. So naturally, Dutch police uncritically believed him, the authorities repeated that the attack was not terror-related, and set the attacker free within two days (!).

Anyone who knows the European establishment will realize that this is not nearly enough appeasement of the Muslim community. So now they are going after the victims: the Dutch public prosecutor has filed a disciplinary complaint against the restaurant’s attorney, Herman Loonstein. The issue: much of the information uncovered by the police, was shared with journalists by Loonstein, but clearly the authorities did not want us to know any of it.

Mr. Loonstein maintains that he was forced to make the information public since the authorities did not, but disclosure was in the interest of his clients. Obviously, the information in question is relevant to the “incident”, and the reason it was kept quiet in the first place can only be political. It is interesting to note that the compaint does not state anywhere that any of the information which ended up in the media was incorrect. It is simply that the authorities did not want it in the media at all.

Our society is literally being attacked by trained terrorists, and our leaders refuse to tell us. This is just one incident in a long line of suspicious attacks in which it seems the authorities are twisting reality to fit the PC narrative. There was the string of “deranged” individuals attacking people with machetes and knives on trains and buses across Europe during this past year’s jihad summer. There had not been any such “deranged” individuals before then, and there hadn’t been any for several months since. But sure, they were all individuals and there was no underlying theme? There was the driver who ploughed his car into a group of pedastrians (several Israeli) outside of Amsterdam Central Station, wounding eight. Police said the man had suffered from low blood sugar and had blacked out. Interestingly, none of the surrounding 15 (!) security cameras apparently recorded the incident, and also interestingly, we were not supposed to know that the driver’s name is Khalid Karmaoui, which – you may have guessed – is not exactly a traditional Dutch name. And then there was the knife wielding man at Schiphol Airport last week.

Is it any wonder that nobody believes the establishment narrative anymore?


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