Netherlands two women raped after rapist was allowed on probation without ankle monitor

The Dutch “Justice” system strikes again. A convicted rapist who had cut off his ankle monitor while out of prison on trial leave, was allowed on leave again and to spend a full weekend without an ankle monitor. Result: two more rape victims.

Sorry, two ladies who have been traumatized for life, but rape victims are just one of the many eggs we have to break to make this omelet of tolerance and acceptance we are baking for the west. As civilized, forward thinking people, we can’t just go around punishing people for crimes they have committed.

We’re just going to keep putting rapists back out in the streets, but you can’t have guns, you can’t even have pepper spray. We’re not going to give you any means of defending yourselves against them, because that wouldn’t be very civilized either. Please just get raped and wait for the police to arrive 10 minutes later.

Rape victims are not the right kind of victim for the left, because the left cannot capitalize on them politically. The best they can do is criminalize all men and decry the “patriarchy”, but they don’t really need the victims for that – and talking about actual rape cases might just point us towards more specific traits and backgrounds of the rapists than just “men”. 

Serial rapist Arthur C.

The suspect, a 33 year-old black man named only as Arthur C. (the establishment in The Netherlands is more careful with the privacy of rapists than the safety of women) spent all but 6 months of his adult life in prison (must be because of racism, obvs). He raped a woman in 2010 while out on probation and was sentenced to seven years. It is unclear whether he was released in the mean time, but it is highly unusual for criminals to serve their complete sentence in The Netherlands – most are released after serving two-thirds of their court sentence.

Last year, Arthur C. cut off his ankle monitor while out of prison on probationary leave. And the courts gave him another “second” chance. He was released on probation again, but he could not be given an ankle monitor right away. No reason for Dutch authorities to have a convicted multiple rapist wait a couple of days for freedom he had no right to yet. Nope, they let him out anyway and figured they would get around to giving him the ankle monitor after the weekend.

One of Arthur C.’s victims spoke in court about her ordeal. She was followed home after a night out, and she opened her front door, C. quickly stuck his foot in between the door and put a knife to the victim’s throat. He dragged her by her hairs, beat her, threatened to kill her and tied her up with shoe laces. C. called the woman his “slave” and told her she would not be going to work the next day, because she would be his prisoner. She was raped for hours on end in her own home, in her own bed.

She testified: “That night, I felt what it’s like to die. The calm that overtakes you. There is no point fearing the inevitable. But at the same time, I have never wanted to live more than in that moment.” When she tried to call the emergency number, Arthur C. destroyed her phone. But the victim had managed to send text messages pleading for help to relatives and her boss, who notified police as soon as they saw the messages the next morning.

The victim then had to go to an STD clinic and was given HIV blocking medicine, ‘just in case’.

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