Netherlands: woman’s boyfriend has his Eritrean friends gangrape her

Last week the court case started in Zwolle, The Netherlands for the gang rape of a young woman. In August last year she visited her boyfriend in his student housing flat and had sex with him, after which he called in his Eritrean friends, who overpowered her and at least one of them raped her.

Translated from local media:

After she had intercourse with her boyfriend, he called his friends, who were already waiting by the door. She was overpowered by three men and pushed onto the bed naked. “I had to push you away. No matter how loudly I screamed that I didn’t want to. I punched you and kicked you. But I couldn’t fight you off. It went on and on and on.”

The main suspect has declared it was the victim’s boyfriend who had come up with the plan.

Reports do not indicate whether the suspects are actually students or have just been assigned student housing facilities.

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