‘Never terrorism’: knife attacks in Barnsley, Paris. Police crack down on offensive comments

Somewhere in the past two years, the establishment decided that when there are any violent ‘events’ involving Muslims, it’s never terrorism. They are staying true to their strategy. An Afghan immigrant stabs seven people in Paris – not terrorism. Muslima goes on stabbing spree in Barnsley – not terrorism. In The Netherlands, we’ve had ‘confused men’ waving knives in Rotterdam (June 26) and Naaldwijk (August 27), and earlier there was one in Schiedam (May 30) who killed a police dog.

In March, Dutch police arrested an Iraqi born jihadist on suspicion of involvement in a severely violent crime. In spite of previous convictions for attempts to travel to IS territory in Syria, police state there is “no connection to terrorism”. In February there was another one in Paris. The terror attack in The Hague on May 5th this year was not considered terrorism until two weeks after. Two terror attacks in Dundalk and Berlin that took place in the first days of 2018 were largely ignored by the media and therefore easy to miss for most casual followers of the news. Even the terror attack in Melbourne on December 21 2017 was classified as not terror-related.

I consider the Summer of 2016 the Summer of Confused Men, featuring a seemingly endless stream of violent attacks by ‘confused men’, often with North African / Arabic appearance, most in public transportation and with knives:

  • A Jewish man was stabbed in Strasbourg on August 19 2016
  • Two young men were severely injured after they were attacked on a train in Sulz, Austria on August 16 2016
  • A man injured several people and killed one woman in a knife attack in Switzerland on August 13 2016
  • An Afghan asylum seeker injured several travellers in an axe attack on a train in Salzburg, Austria on July 18 2016

But leave it to British police to take the cake in a world that has already been upturned by political correctness: after classifying the Barnsley attack ‘not terrorism’, they posted a call online for people to report not only hate crimes, but even ‘hate non-crimes’, which means basically anything that offends anyone (but probably not things that are about white people).

So all these knife-wielding Muslim immigrants are not terrorists, that’s great. But if they’re all stabbing people because they are simply ‘confused’, people are still getting hurt and people are still dying. If they came here as immigrants or refugees, these crimes were still entirely preventable. ‘Confused’ can mean whatever the establishment wants it to mean; if you consider radical, orthodox religiosity as ‘confusion’ or ‘mental illness’, all religious terrorism instantly disappears.

This is sadly not as far-fetched as it sounds. Data from The Netherlands Institute for Social Research indicates that as many as 41% of Syrian immigrants are ‘confused’, as in suffering from mental illness. This number is 11% or 12% for native Dutch residents.

Politics is really not about being ‘blue pilled’ or ‘red pilled’ anymore. It’s about comatose versus not comatose.

UK: After declaring Muslima’s stabbing spree not terrorism, cops ask people to report offensive online comments



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