New year’s eve in Germany: safe space for women, no alcohol

Germany is still looking for ways to deal with the self-imported threat to their safety and the ability they have had for decades, if not centuries, to organize large festive events in public places. These fresh concerns have arisen since Angela Merkel so generously opened the borders in 2015, and can of course be traced back directly to the backward and exploitative cultures that have taken up the Chancellor’s invitation. But the people who bring you backward and exploitative cultures right to your doorstep also forbid you from blaming these cultures for the problems they so obviously cause. So instead of specific measures aimed at those who have been causing problems, New Year’s Eve in Germany will now have safe spaces for women only and an alcohol ban.

Mmm, segregation of the sexes and no alcohol… Who might be pleased with that development?

It’s quite significant for a country like Germany with a rich and proud alcohol tradition to submit part of its identity like this, though it should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. But can we at least admit that we are moving backwards in time? When do we stop giving up our freedoms and start taking a stand for our history and civilization?

If it is OK to acknowledge that women need a safe space to be shielded from men, why is it not OK to specify that they need to be shielded mainly from Arab men? We know why, of course: everybody is a victim but white men. But some victims are just a little bit more important than others. And right now, Muslims are at the top of the left’s victimhood food chain.

If we leave this left-wing establishment in charge for much longer, we will have more abusers of our freedoms, much less freedom for them to abuse, and certainly no freedom to openly discuss who and what caused that situation.

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