NGO’s should be held accountable for ferrying migrants to Europe

Data from the UN shows a spectacular drop in the number of migrants arriving in Europe by sea in July compared to June.

16,114 migrants made the cross in July compared to 27,899 in June, a 42% drop, while in the previous three years July has always seen more crossings than the month before.

According to Westmonster, based on a Politico article, the first 10 days of August were 76% quieter than last year. A number of factors have probably contributed: Italy has taken a tougher stance against the NGO’s who have been taxiing migrants from Africa to Europe. The anti-immigration activists of Defend Europe have started patrolling the waters to ensure the NGO’s don’t break laws or agreements. The Libyan coast guard have put pressure on the NGO’s not to come too close to their coast line, causing several of the NGO’s to suspend their missions.

The NGO’s have been criticized for drawing more migrants to attempt the cross by picking them up ever closer to the African shores. Although it has taken years for the authorities to take any sort of action against these likely illegal activities (and they have only come after private parties started to intervene), it appears the effect is already visible: decreased NGO ferrying activity leads to a significantly decreased number of attempted crossings. There is no denying these statistics and their possible relation should be thoroughly examined. Those responsible for luring people onto the seas are supporting human traffickers and funding terrorism, destabilizing two continents, and causing immense suffering in Europe, Africa and at sea. They should be held responsible.

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