No jail time for Islamic terror attack in The Hague, court rules ‘not terrorism’

On May 5th, Malek Fostok went on a random stabbing rampage. For Allah.

Authorities rushed to deny any links to radical Islam and to reassure the public that this was not an act of terrorism.

Fostok was eventually charged with attempted murder ‘with terrorist’ intent, however. Prosecutors sought 15 years in jail followed by mandated psychiatric care. Last week, the judge ruled Fostok is deranged and cannot be held accountable for his actions. He will serve NO jail time, will in stead only receive mandated psychiatric care (which is a bad joke in The Netherlands, with frequent reports of ‘patients’ escaping while out on walks, having access to drugs and pornography, and an general atmosphere of lawlessness in the institutions).

The court proclaimed “This was no terror attack”, conveniently erasing this Islamic terror attack from the record books and allowing the establishment to continue denying there have ever been Islamic terror attacks on Dutch soil (they tend to ignore the murder of Theo van Gogh in 2004 anyway, plus countless suspicious threats and attacks since).

The West’s slow suicide is a tragedy.

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