Norway fears that migrants and refugees will become a new underclass in society

A Norwegian study shows that migration is the primary cause for poverty being on the rise in the Scandinavian country. Half of welfare recipients are immigrants. 28.5% of immigrants are in a position of long-term poverty. The country’s minister of Social Affairs fears that a separate lower class of migrants and refugees is set to emerge.

In other words, Norway (like The Netherlands, Germany and other Western European countries) is finally starting to find out what “enrichment” really means. As noble as the left likes to sound when it invites over all of the poor and unfortunate people in the world, the West simply cannot afford to feed and house everyone. Nor do we have the responsibility to it.

But, to be honest: if the left really wanted to help the Second and Third World poor, they would help them in their own region, as much more can be achieved over there with the same amount of money. But the left doesn’t actually want to help people. The left just needs victims it can leech off of, to justify its own existence. And it simply needs to keep importing voters of course.


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