NYT: ‘wanting to kill and / or castrate all white men is still fine’

A collection of thoughts and observations on the New York Times adding Sarah Jeong to its editorial board, in spite of an avalanche of anti-white and anti-male, racist and sexist, tweets.

Wikipedia moderators refused to have any reference to the controversy added to her page (at first – there is a short, condoning passage about it now). From The Daily Caller:

New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong’s Wikipedia page includes no mention of her racist tweets that resurfaced after her new position with the newspaper was announced, apparently because activist editors for the free online encyclopedia won’t allow any mention of her tweets.

Interestingly, during the exchange, one the moderators implies that any ‘explicitly right-wing news site’ is ‘not a reliable source, using the Dutch blog ThePostOnline as an example, even though that site is indeed right-wing, but features accurate news, often referencing mainstream media – except offering different insights, connections and context:

“ThePostOnline is an explicitly right-wing news site, according to wikipedia’s own article on it, and therefore not a reliable source.”

It didn’t take long for establishment media to call for an end to ‘outrage mobs’ getting people fired. It’s striking how that insight suddenly emerged after left-wingers started being affected and not anywhere in the past years, or even decades when it was already happening to the right.

And of course, Twitter would not be Twitter without this blatant racial hypocrisy:

Candace Owens copied Sarah Jeong’s tweets, replacing the word “white” with “Jewish” and “black”. She was immediately given a 12 hour suspension. Jeong’s account remains unaffected. The absolute state of this platform.

~ Paul Joseph Watson

Even politicians, like Hawaii senator Brian Schatz (Dem, obviously), can safely and without consequence endorse racism as long as it is aimed at whites:


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