If we have to change words, books, behavior, customs because a tiny amount of people are offended, where does that end? Do we all adjust if 1 in 100 are offended? Then why not for 1 on 1000? Or 1 in a million? Why not if one person in the world is offended? If feelings really matter – or rather: if we are all responsible for one another’s feelings – why would anyone need numbers for their feelings to be taken seriously?

The end goal of the left’s crusade against hurt feelings may be that no one ever engage in any activity that might offend a single person. That would leave us living in a very dull world, because somebody is always offended.

But there is another side to this coin: the left doesn’t want NOBODY to be offended. The feelings of the offended only matter to the left if their feelings happen to coincide with the left’s political agenda. They don’t care if conservatives are offended. Christians. Men. Whites. There is no being offended for them. Saying they are offended doesn’t entitle them to a platform, to be heard, let alone to get what they want. But if you are the right type of ‘victim’, saying you are offended will get people on your side – no arguments, no rationale, no substance needed.

The left cares when immigrants are offended so they can push open borders and multiculturalism. They care when Muslims are offended so they can push Islam. They care when the LGBT community is offended so they can push the dissolving of the nuclear family, or the “patriarchy”. Only their favorite victims get support when they’re offended, and thus the fight against offensiveness, like so much of the leftist agenda, rests on selective outrage. Standing up for the offended is not about social justice, it’s about harnessing emotion and turning into a power tool.

Feelings in fact don’t matter to the left at all. Feelings only matter if they can be exploited as leverage and translated into political power.

The feel-good left is a myth. In reality there is only the cold, calculating left.



Why the feel-good vote is a left-wing vote. And why that’s wrong.

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