One small town: 1,3 million euro increase in welfare + free housing for migrants

Soon in a small city in The Netherlands: when inhabitants incur a big debt on their rent payments, their houses will be cleared and the furniture and other items may be given to recent migrants. City council is saying that the voluntary collection of goods for the migrants has been a huge success – but apparently that’s still not enough. The town of Vlaardingen is also increasing the welfare checks for young immigrants by 200 euros per month, growing their total migrant welfare bill by no less than 1.3 million euros this year (not including housing costs). And this is in a town of about 70,000 inhabitants.

So there are two groups of people in Vlaardingen who have no money (or are assumed not to have money). So we take stuff away from the first group, and give it to the other group. For no real reason other than our political establishment likes them better. The direct, monetary cost of mass immigration is staggering. This is just one small-ish town in one country. Housing wait lists are growing, tax money is being thrown at people who have not contributed a single thing to our economy, and in many cases never will. Are people on the left willfully ignoring this kind of information? Do they not know, or do they prefer to just not think about it?

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