Orange is the new Propaganda Machine

Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black has increasingly become a vehicle for leftwing propaganda (and decreasingly an entertaining show to watch). I’m happy to say I only have to see it when my wife is watching, so maybe I’ve missed some other striking things about the recently released season 5. But so far, episode 4 takes the cake. When the white supremacists are mistaken for Muslims who have taken celebrity prisoner Judy hostage, the media in fictional Litchfield do just about everything the media in the real world do not do: they immediately call it terrorism, and they refer to the suspects as Muslims.

I try not to let politics get in the way of enjoying entertainment anymore (I have in the past, and it’s no fun), but as mentioned, there is not much to enjoy about OITNB these days anyway. But even if there were, this is several steps too far. It is downright insulting to anyone with a critical mind who has ever seen a news report about Islamic terrorism – I am staggered with surprise at the number of ways and the amount of time one can discuss Islamic terrorism without mentioning the words Islam, Muslim or Quran. It’s like the party game Taboo. Except people get killed.

But no, not in Litchfield. We’re probably supposed to take this as criticism of the way our society works and the way we deal with the rise of Islamic terrorism in the West. And in case if you’ve missed the mainstream narrative: Muslims are the victims. While anyone can see that the mainstream elites in their entirety are refusing to acknowledge the problem and thus also to deal with it, risking innocent lives – yours, mine, our loved ones’ – to protect their sacred political paradigm from imploding, the makers of OITNB would have us believe that the exact opposite is happening. That the mainstream media are going out of their way to twist any tiny incident they can think of into Islamic terrorism, and then emphasize that Islam is a factor and the terrorists are Muslims.

How many more times do we have to watch body bags in the streets with voice-overs explaining that “Islam is peace”, “these were not real Muslims” because “no true Muslim would ever…” before we can be absolved of our sin of being white westerners, and not be bludgeoned with fabricated guilt trips anymore?

In the real world, it took very little time to learn that the terrorist attack against the London mosque on June 19 was indeed “a terrorist attack”. London mayor Sadiq Khan took almost no time to eagerly confirm that in front of a microphone. It took very little time to learn that the suspect was a “clean-shaven white man” and for media outlets to report this. We knew almost instantly that his motive was “Islamophobia”. None of that investigating the motive of suspected terrorists for weeks that we usually see after Islamic attacks. Islamic terrorists can slap mainstream media reporters in the face with their favorite Quran verses, yelling that they want to kill white people and destroy the West, and our journalists still wouldn’t get it. But Darren Osborne we’ll believe right away.

Which is the right thing to do by the way. It was a despicable act. It was terrorism. And we need to address it for what it was. We should just also be doing that in the case of Islamic terrorism.

Oh, and by the way: did Orange Is The New Black seriously suggest that it is normal in Islamic culture for the woman to suggest adding another wife to the marriage? Contrary to the overwhelming evidence that polygamy in Islam stems from the oppression of women by dominant men and that the women are not rarely forced into these situations, threatened (implicitly) with severe punishment for non-compliance? But certainly, they have no political agenda in any of this…

Yeah, so close to the real thing

While the first season was watchable, by now the guards seem to get stupider in each scene. The comic relief has degenerated to almost exclusively slapstick. And the main character, upon whom the entire premise of the show used to rest, has become so irrelevant that she might as well not be in it anymore.

What a trainwreck.


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