Our focus should be on saving the West, not fixing Islam

Twitter user ThomasWictor often shares very interesting views on different subjects. A couple of days ago he dedicated a thread to Saudi Arabia’s decision to start allowing women to drive (a very small step in the right direction, but a step nonetheless) and tied that to a critique of Islam’s critics in the West. In this case I felt the need to share it and respond – I appreciate the touch of nuance Thomas adds to the debate here. Drastic times call for drastic measures, but as all political movements ours too has a pitfall in being hijacked by its most radical proponents. Reality is not black-and-white like that.

Thomas explains why Islam is not hopeless, why an Islamic reformation is possible (and might be happening as we speak) and why he’s “optimistic about the future”. He makes some good points (as he always does), and this serves as a good reminder that things are rarely all good or all bad.

However, while there may be good reasons to be optimistic about the future, Thomas’ touch of nuance needs some nuance of its own. Muslims in the West are reverting back to their own cultural roots more and more. While one might expect that, as the establishment apparently keeps believing, later generations of immigrant families would turn more towards their host countries, the opposite is happening. Islam is growing in numbers and strength on Western soil, and especially with its help from the left it now poses a direct threat to our cultural identities. To be clear, this threat comes from Islam as a whole, not “just” fundamentalists or terrorists.

Islam is about 500 years behind on the West. Yes, there may be hope for the future, but there are no guarantees that Islam will go the same way the West has. Moreover, if an Islamic reformation is happening, we shouldn’t be hosting it here. It is good news that Saoudi Arabia creeping slowly towards, say the equivalent of our 18th century, but modernizing any religion promises to be a bloody affair. With Islam? Yeah, let’s not put ourselves in the midst of that.

It’s good to remember that all Muslims do not equal all the bad things we think about Islam. It’s good to remember that not all the bad things we think about Islam are true for all of Islam, nor will they always be true to all of Islam. But a slight promise of improvement is not enough to throw a parade. Appeasement of Islam in the West will only embolden Islam, and particularly the traditionalists. Islam may modernize, but it won’t help the Arabic world if we are nurturing an enclave of backwards fundamentalists in Europe and the US. Our focus should be on protecting our culture and civilization, not fixing theirs.

Read ThomasWictor’s full thread here.

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