Our leaders do not care about us

A sad and shocking example of what happens after years of “progressive” influence on the justice system, where the authorities are more focused on rehabilitating the perpetrators of (violent) crime than on helping the victims and the loved ones left behind. Ida’s daughter Célesta was murdered in 2012. The killer, Célesta’s then-boyfriend, was sentenced to eight years in prison, but was released after four. He has returned to his hometown Schiedam, although that was officially not allowed, and Ida has recently found out that the killer now lives about half a mile (!) of her own home.

Killer Ruud S. (in The Netherlands, criminals are not fully named in the media, because their feeling might get hurt if someone would remember that they killed someone in cold blood) was convicted of manslaughter, even though he stabbed his victim no less than 85 times.

After his ridiculously, offensively short stay in prison, he was not allowed to return to his hometown. But that measure was lifted when he wanted to move in with his new girlfriend. The authorities are now refusing to take action because the killer has been living there for a year now, without problems. Understandably, Ida can hardly cope with the situation:

I’ve only been outside three times in the past weeks. The tension keeps getting worse. I take a few steps, and then I panic. I look at everyone to see if it’s him. At every traffic ligt I look around to make sure he isn’t coming.

The state is helping killer Ruud S. to rebuild his life after serving only half of an already mild sentence (although fairly common by Dutch standards). His victim’s mother is left to deal with her trauma alone, sabotaged by the authorities who place the interests of convicted criminals above those of their victims.

Professor of complex grief processes Jos de Keijser (University Of Groningen) has spoken to over 300 relatives of murder victims and he calls this “a major problem” (obviously):

People get traumatized all over again when these killers are set free and then live nearby. People start thinking about it again, they get scared again, get angry again. They start losing sleep again.

I know of two cases where the victim’s families have decided to move away. That is completely backward. It would have been better if the perpetrators and their families would have moved. And this is happening every month.

Ida, too, is looking to move somewhere else.

The establishment tends to dismiss the death penalty as a disregard for human life. To the contrary, the way the establishment treats killers versus the way they treat victims is a real and total disregard for human life. It shows an overeagerness to understand the maniacs among us and an absence of humanity towards those in pain.

Just these specific cases are apparently happening every month in a country as small as The Netherlands (population 17 million). It is just another one of many sad examples that our leaders do not care about us. It has become all too common that ordinary people are made to suffer for the bankrupt ideologies of the elites. They see the world as they want it to be, not as it is – and they would rather put us all through Hell than make the slightest compromise in their percepted reality.

The progressive ideal is that “everyone can be rehabilitated”. Well, progressives, good luck rehabilitating this guy for example:

Or, you know, these guys:

But I digress.


It is interesting to note however, that in the weeks before this story was published, Dutch judges complained in the news about the “lack of respect” they were receiving from politicians and on social media. And a Dutch private detective shared that his business has doubled in the past ten years, explaining that he is receiving an increasing number of cases that the police are unwilling to pursue. But no, I’m sure we are just being unreasonable.

(Source, in Dutch)

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