Paid activism in The Netherlands: casting agent pays actors to join pro-refugee protest in Amsterdam


A Dutch casting agency, B&F Casting, has put out a casting call for “extras”, offering 40 euros to join a pro-refugee protest where they will be posing as refugees in boats at the protest location, Museumplein in Amsterdam.

They are looking for “a large group of extras” to be divided over a number of boats that will be installed on the Museumplein. This street theater protest is meant to ask attention for the horrible situation of refugees crossing the ocean in unsafe boats. You know, because there is so little attention for that as it is.

Again, the left proves it is great at the dramatics, which is very useful in shaping public opinion, even if their actual politics are destructive and divisive. The world of left-wing activism is a well-organized and well-funded endeavour; big money goes into bussing in protesters and it is well-established that they even make use of paid activists.


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