Party politics, illustrated: disdainful, detached Democrats

This video of a Democrat wanting to stand and applaud during the State of the Union, but deciding against it because he didn’t want to stand alone, is party politics in a nutshell. Party line over personal convictions. Patry interest over national interest.

This has been fairly common for decades, but the Democrats in the era of Trump are pushing it to its extremes. There is not a shred of integrity, honesty or honor left in the Democrat Party in 2018. As the politics in the US (and the rest of the West) will continue to polarize further, the divide between left and right, establishment and people, will deepen. Let it be clear that those professing tolerance and unity are in fact the one pushing the divide further and further. The disinterested, detached, disrespectful Democrats during the State of the Union are the embodiment of the disdain the establishment harbors towards us.


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