Pedantic EU Do-Gooders vs. Hungary

Look at the applause. The bow. The pedantic grin. The mutual pandering.

An infantile ritual for self-obsessed do-gooders.

All the do-gooders wanted to take a stand against Hungary, so they got one do-gooder to write a report about all the things on which Hungary disagrees with the do-gooders. And now they had a vote to say they liked the report and they don’t like Hungary. What an amazing success for do-gooder Judith Sargentini (famous for calling the notion that ISIS fighters were coming to Europe as refugees “hysteria” and was appointed to the EU anti-terror commission after she had been proven wrong about, well, terror… in the EU).

Who else could have convinced the do-gooders to vote exactly the way they were always going to vote? It’s like going to a pack of wolves, telling them sheep are delicious, and then taking a vote on whether they should eat the sheep.

> Hi, I’m here to tell you exactly what you want to hear.
> Wow, we really like what you have to say.
> I’m so touched that you like to hear exactly what I knew you like to hear.

The silver lining is that the enactment of the sanctions against Hungary will get veto’ed. With some luck, hungary will push to leave the EU within the next four years, and Italy will do the same. May they lead the way, and may the rest follow swiftly.

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