Police attacked by migrants across Europe – the consequences of left-wing wishful thinking

In the past couple of weeks we’ve seen a shocking amount of violence from migrants against the police and other emergency response services.

For me the examples started with a couple of “incidents” in my home country The Netherlands. Two police cars were set on fire in one week, in migrant areas of Amsterdam. In the same week, another police car, responding to a traffic collision, was toppled by aggressive migrants in The Hague. This was all during the already heated Ramadan month, where the police leadership ostentatiously visited Islamic “Iftar” gatherings. Because in the West we just keep on submitting, we just keep on bending over and looking the other way in the name of “building bridges”, no matter how hard we keep getting kicked in the behind.

The Justice department in The Netherlands decided in 2011 to triple the punishment for these offenses (penalties in The Netherlands are generally very lenient). But in reality the attackers still come off very easy. Research showed in December 2014 that even the emergency services personnel themselves – firemen, ambulance drivers, police officers – rarely press charges for fear of retribution.

The sad reality is that the people charged with the responsibility of keeping us all safe are not even able to keep themselves and each other safe. Chief culprits, aside from the ill-adjusted immigrants abusing the West’s “hospitality”, are the bureaucrats refusing to let the police do their jobs. In Sweden, the canary in Europe’s multicultural coal mine, the National Police Commissioner begged his government for help during a press conference on rising crime and the growing number of ‘no-go zones’ for emergency services.

Belgium saw three attacks by migrants or groups of migrants against the police in just one week in late June. First, one immigrant was caught on camera knocking a female police officer to the ground. Then, two officers were besieged and kicked in the face. By a group of “youths”, of course, according to the mainstream media – and surely it was a coincidence that this was in a neighborhood notorious for its high percentage of Moroccan inhabitants. The day after, two more officers were attacked by a gang of migrants after a traffic stop. There is generally speaking much more cohesion and loyalty in migrant communities and they tend to side with their own rather than the police in large numbers, regardless of the situation. Crime and confrontations with the police are even celebrated in urban ghetto subcultures, so none of this should come as a surprise.

These attacks are the results of decades of appeasement and soft approach, rooted in a complete misunderstanding of the culture of the people who have been coming here and who were allowed to simmer in their own little circle of aggressive ingrates. People on the left like to think they respect other cultures, but most of them are willfully blind to any negative aspects of any non-Western culture, giving them an utterly unrealistic and overly positive idea of what these cultures are. They refuse to accept that the machismo in the cultures we are importing, and allowing to remain undiluted by Western values, is drastically changing the living conditions and safety of women, gays, Christians, public officials, and basically everyone who likes to enjoy their basic freedoms. The left’s wishful thinking about immigrants and their cultures has not only made these changes possible, but it has been a katalyst in their development.

We have migrant areas in Paris – once the city of love – where women are banned from entering cafes and shops or just going out. Anti-gay violence is rising in The Netherland, and Amsterdam, once the gay capital of Europe, formed the stage for a particularly shocking case earlier this year, when a gay couple was attacked by a group of young Moroccans wielding bolt cutters. Christianity isn’t safe either from the consequences of the left getting to live out their dreams: a migrant was caught on camera destroying ancient statues and artefacts in an Italian church last May, but there have been many more, similar cases across Europe. The tragic lowpoint was in July 2016, when a priest was murdered in France in a jihadist terrorist attack.

We are allowing people to come here numbering hundreds of thousands, who have no respect for our culture, traditions and history. And we are teaching these people that they can keep living as they always have (even though they apparently felt the need to flee from their old lives), except we’ll give them our money. Well, more of our money.

We all know that these things are happening. Surely, even those on the left cannot be completely blind to it. They’ll probably find a way to blame this on white people, because racism or something. But their narrative doesn’t hold up, and it cannot hold up to the objective listener. That is why it is so important that we keep repeating what is really happening and keep repeating what we all know: the core values of the cultures that are being imported into the West are incompatible with the core values of our own culture. If we value our freedoms, if we value our safety and if we value our prosperity, we must stop immigration from non-Western cultures and start demanding full assimilation from the non-Western immigrants already here. If we allow the establishment to keep doing what they’re doing, our great civilization is heading towards cultural and economic suicide.


Please note: the attacks against the police mentioned here do not include a string of attacks labeled as terrorism. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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