Punching women: no. Punching terrorists: yes.

If we are going to talk about Emily Rose Marshall (aka Louise Rosealma, aka Venus Rosales), we might as well have another look at her getting decked.

Is punching a woman ever OK?

In the wake of this footage, some on the right have spoken out against hitting women, or against celebrating this act of self defense. To them I would say: we are not celebrating a women being punched in the face. We are celebrating a terrorist getting punched in the face.

She and her Antifa-buddies were there specifically to violently strip citizens of their basic, democratic rights of free speech and free assembly. These mobs of leftist extremists are well known for using threats, violence and intimidation to further their political goals. If that is not terrorism, then what is? Nevertheless, Antifa and all their sub-groups are not labelled as domestic terrorist organizations. And the MSM continues to describe these people by the words of their choice (“antifascists”) and systematically refers to their predictable riots as “protests”.

Those who object to the punch (or celebrating it), I ask: do you object to the Jewish man who shot his female assailant after she stabbed him in the neck in an islamic terror attack? Where do we draw the line in violence against women? If a female burglar breaks into your house, are you not prepared to use whatever force is necessary to neutralize the threat and get her under control or out of your house? Or would you only “shove” or “slap” her, hoping that that would be enough, and that she won’t pull a knife or gun on you (or, say, a wine bottle)?

Just to be clear: of course in itself punching women is despicable. There are almost no circumstances in which it is justifiable. But that does not mean that there are none.

Mainstream Media attention

Of course, as if the past months of left-wing violence against women, children and the elderly never happened, it took this little scuffle for the mainstream media to take notice, and Ms Marshall has quickly become a poster girl for the far left. Most notable was her appearance on San Francisco’s CBS in a phenomenally uncritical interview, which failed to mention why she was at the Berkeley protest (violence) and what she was doing (violence).

In other coverage, the events were described as a “clash” between “competing political rallies”. No, that is not what happened. A Pro-Trump, pro-free speech rally was attacked by left-wing extremists.

Set the scene: just after Obama’s inauguration, a group of his supporters organize a march. They are attacked by a group of skinheads. One skinhead gets punched in the face. Would that person be invited by news outlets to tell their (and only their) side of the story? Would that person be portrayed as the victim?

Should you happen to work in the mainstream media and wonder why your credibility has been going down the drain, here is some advice: it is stuff like this. It is easy for people to find out what really happens on public streets. We can all see the footage of your precious leftie victim attacking people with wine bottles. We all know by now, no thanks to you, that the far left has been using these tactics for decades against respectable, decent people for the simple reason of disagreeing with their politics.

The comments under that CBS interview are crystal clear: you have been peddling politically motivated nonsense – while accusing others of publishing fake news. And people are just not buying it anymore.

GoFundMe fraud

Shortly after the footage spread of Ms Marshall’s run-in with free speech, a GoFundMe campaign was started to help pay for her medical bills. The goal was no less than $ 80,000.

This for a girl who took one punch to the face, stood up right after that and then felt her forehead a bit. And who was happily giving TV interviews just days later. Unless she paid 80 grand for one or two paracetamol, this campaign is an obvious scam.

By now, the campaign has been changed to a vaguely worded charity initiative for workers’ rights, which is still somehow linked to “fights in the streets” and Ms Marshall “bravery” for trying to destroy free speech. But at least $ 5,000 that was donated to an entirely different cause (i.e. non-existent medical expenses) is now being attributed to this new campaign, which cannot possibly be allowed under GoFundMe’s terms and conditions.

Interestingly, in the new campaign description, Ms Marshall lets her supporters know: “I’m taken care of financially for my medical and legal bills”, which lends extra credibility to the information below (h/t to /pol/).

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