Recap of the MSM-fabricated outrage over the Covington kids

Fresh on the heels of umpteenth debunked “impeachment is now inevitable” bombshells, this time from Buzzfeed, the media managed to engineer a new outrage – and again it was built completely on lies.

I was surprised to find “MAGA” trending on Twitter the other day. Could this be a collection of President Trump’s supporter base enthusiastically tweeting the President’s credo? No, it was largely people slandering all MAGA-supporters and lumping them in with what was painting as a group of disrespectful, even racist high schoolers. But a couple of hours in those pesky facts started popping up again – it’s no wonder that the globalists are eager to destroy free speech on the internet:

What the media did to those kids – some as young as 15 – is truly evil.
Watch the FULL video. Starting at 1 hour 12 minutes.

– Elder walks to confront them
– No one is saying, “Build the Wall.”
– No one surrounding him.
– Black activist group called students “f-ggots.”

The media targeted high school kids, they laid down the full power of the press to crush them. And the stories were fake. This is why you must never believe any story you read about Trump or his supporters. Period.

Mike Cernovich (in two separate tweets)

In the mean time, we have the tolerant left, including what must be a record number of blue check marks, calling to doxx the kids and for violence against them.

Retractions and corrections from mainstream media outlets are not forthcoming as of yet, and the leftie bubble on social media continues to spread the initial lies.

Yet another engineered outrage. The mainstream left doesn’t shy away from ruining the lives and futures of 15 year-olds, if they disagree with them. If you are on the right, never forget: this could happen to you –
if you have kids, this could happen to them.

The mainstream media are the enemy of the people.

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