Red-pilled: The Netherlands increasingly pessimistic about Islam

A survey in The Netherlands is showing an increasingly critical stance of the Dutch population towards the presence of Islam in their country. More than half expect an Islamic terrorist attack within two years, only one in ten consider Islam an enrichment and a majority do not expect the integration of Muslims into Dutch society will ever be successful.

Following the string of terror attacks in neighboring and other Western countries since 2015, the Dutch have clearly become more pessimistic about the rise of Islam in their country. The Netherlands has been miraculously spared a large scale Islamic terror attack, while France, Belgium, Germany and the UK have all been hit repeatedly. Film maker Theo van Gogh was killed in Amsterdam on November 2nd 2004 at the hands of islamist Mohammed Bouyeri, which predates the current campaign of Islamic terrorism by more than 10 years. The Netherlands has seen some narrow escapes (the Brussels airport attack in March 2016 was supposed to have a Dutch target instead, but the attackers’ plans changed last-minute) and some suspicious activities (like a ‘random’ stabbing on a train and a car driving into a group of pedestrians, driven by a Muslim who according to the police had become unwell).

The party of Islam critic Geert Wilders, who has been living under permanent protection in safe houses for years, has become the second largest of the country, and another anti-immigration party, Forum for Democracy, has emerged during the last elections earlier this year. The results of this survey should come as no surprise, and should of course be celebrated by anyone who holds the survival of Western civilization dear.

17% are certain an Islamic terror attack will take place in The Netherlands within the next two years. Another 54% deem this likely.

When asked if Islam an enrichment to Dutch society, 55% remained neutral, but 34% answered “No” and only 11% said “Yes”.

65% of the population thinks the integration of Muslims into Dutch society will never fully succeed.

Source: De Telegraaf (in Dutch)

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