‘Refugees’ are continuing their Middle Eastern tribal wars in Europe

Refugees are continuing their Middle Eastern tribal wars in Europe upon arrival. We are importing these violent and intransparent conflicts and there is a big chance we will never get a proper grip on this situation. It’s not ‘just’ gay and Christian refugees who thought they had escaped persecution, only to run into the extremists that were after them again in refugee camps in Europe. Europe being Europe, rather than deporting the extremists, several countries have set up separate camps for gay and Christian refugees in a bid to keep the intolerant radical Muslims here as well. But beneath that, there is more trouble brewing in ethnic conflicts among the refugee populations.

Tribal wars in Calais: 100 migrants in massive fight

Last weekend in Gelsenkirchen, one Syrian refugee was set upon by a group of Turkish and Arabic speaking immigrants. He was beaten while his attackers yelled insults at him about Syria and its leader Assad. The victim managed to hide and then find police officers before his attackers could get to him again.

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