Rolling Stone (Italy) opposes right-wing government’s attempt to save the West

Music and pop culture magazine Rolling Stone suddenly felt its necessary to get political. Now that a right-wing government has been elected in Italy and there policies are being implemented to curb (illegal) immigration, and the government is spectacularly popular for it, Rolling Stone is abandoning its core business and has devoted the cover to a protest against Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Breitbart writes:

The well-known magazine of music and pop culture follows its statement with an ominous declaration: “From now on those who are silent are complicit,” suggesting that active resistance to the new government is the only acceptable position.

Brands endorsing political correctness is one thing, but brands actively protesting democratic decisions for change is another. The editiorial in Rolling Stone calls opposition to mass immigration and multiculturalism “dangerous”, “irrational” and the product of “ancestral fears”. Rolling Stone is not just politically correct, it is actively opposing our best interests and working to undermine governments the moment they finally start working for us.

Know where you spend your money.

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