Rotterdam pays radical Muslims to be in charge of de-radicalizing radical Muslims

The city of Rotterdam, in The Netherlands, has employed people to combat radicalization in the Islamic community who are now, themselves, turning out to be radical Muslims. Almost exactly one year ago, this exact same news also came out of Amsterdam.

Several employees of the Security Service, of which the de-radicalization team is a part, have ties to orthodox Islamic institutions in Rotterdam. One of these institutions is Waqf Foundation, which attempted to bring several radical hate preachers to The Netherlands and to start a salafist organization in Rotterdam. This foundation has ties to a ‘charity’ organization in Qatar which has funneled millions of dollars to terrorist groups.

The establishment can no longer claim it doesn’t know or could not expect these things to happen; that where there is Islam, there is radical Islam. Are our leaders really this naive, or are they by now actively complicit in this attack on the West?


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