Russia: illegal immigrant arrested for killing and skinning a dog, intended to sell meat as kebab


Remember when the left supported animal rights? Well, that’s gone out the window along with many of their old ideals that don’t mix well with the groups they are currently trying to curry favor with. The left have put all their eggs in the baskets of backward cultures which still see animals as nothing but tools, and along with the people of these cultures, the left are importing animal abuse.

A man, possibly an illegal immigrant, from Kazakhstan was arrested in Russia after he was caught skinning a dog he had just strangled to death. The Express quotes the man as saying “When I lived in Kazakhstan, there were a lot of dogs and it was normal to cook the meat on a barbecue and eat them.” The article further mentions the man confessing to having killed “hundreds of dogs” and having “sold the meat to a fast food kebab takeaway chain”. This particular dog, a husky, was supposedly given to the man as payment for a job he had done.

Just two months ago Italian police intervened as a Nigerian man was preparing to roast a dog on a barbecue at an asylum seekers center.

Lefties, how about if you insist on bringing these people here (I mean: don’t, obviously – but if you do…) could you at least make sure the first sentence on the first pamphlet you give them is:

Hi! You are fleeing whatever country you are fleeing because that country is a shithole. So how about anything you did over there, don’t do it over here. If you are going to do over here what you did over there, you are going to turn this country into a shithole as well.

Unless of course it is your intention to turn the west into a backward shithole, in which case: carry on, you’re right on track!

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