San Francisco art project: ‘Why don’t we murder more white people?’

Anti-racism = Anti-white racism. An art project in San Francisco is titled ‘Why don’t we murder more white people?’ and described as ‘an examination of whiteness’ (because nobody is more obsessed with race than anti-racists), ‘its unassailable immortality’ (I can’t even). It suggests that ‘we continue to watch the death of black and brown people become normalized in parallel with the rise of white supremacy, [and] asks – why isn’t the inverse true?’

So: expect more misleading statistics, or perhaps more likely – no actual statistics at all, certainly not the kind that show that the leading cause of the black male homicide rate is other black males. White supremacy has been an empty phrase for years, hollowed out by the left’s endless name-calling. And ultimately, rather than inspecting the reasons for higher crime and murder rates among non-whites (except Japanese and Chinese Americans) than whites and getting to the root of the problem, the left resorts to blaming whites for everybody’s problems, and – as an act of ultimate leftism – suggests not to make things better for the people who have it bad, it suggests to make things worse for those who have it good.

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