Solving problems that don’t exist, Dutch edition

Western civilization is safe! In The Netherlands, our ever-efficient rulers have decisively solved one of the most imminent problems we are facing these days: gift cards now have to be valid for at least two years. I’m not sure yet how offenders will be punished, but I’m crossing my fingers for mandatory jail sentences. Maybe we’ll re-introduce capital punishment just for this?

The Christian Democrats (CDA) who initiated this bill celebrated their ‘victory’ with a Tweet, boasting about creating “a country worth passing on”. Because you know, now we still have an islamic invastion, our sovereignty being surrendered to the EU, a malfunctioning justice system, an overbearing government involved in almost every aspect of our lives (and messing up most of the time) and an unsurmountable national debt. But at least we no longer have to check for ourselves how long our gift cards will be valid and make the inhumanly tough decision whether to buy it or not when that period is too short for our tastes.

The person initiating this bill should have been run out of parliament and have their access permanently revoked. But instead, at least 76 of our 150 MP’s (at a rate of 9,000 euros per month) supported his absurdity by voting for it.

We are ruled by idiots.

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