Somali pirates hijacked German ship, now live freely in Germany – off tax payer money

Ten Somali pirates hijacked a German ship in April 2010. The pirates were arrested and taken to Hamburg where they received prison sentences of two to seven years (in the first pirate trial in Germany in over 600 years, but all cultures are equal). All of them have now been released, and five are still living in Hamburg. They now receive state benefits, send their children to state-funded kindergarten and are following state-funded German lessons.

The 2010 hijacking was a violent one, with the pirates shooting at the targeted ship’s crew. A Dutch navy ship intervened to end the crew’s ordeal.

This speaks volumes of the left’s pathological dedication to rewarding bad behavior, whether it is to sooth their own collective guilt over ‘privilege’, ‘colonialism’ and other buzzwords – or out of conviction that violent barbarians will become upstanding citizens as long as your not too mean to them. In any case: nobody must be held responsible for their actions, nobody must be punished for predatory behavior. Everybody must coddled, except victims of violent crime, who don’t seem to appear in the victimhood hierarchy at all.

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