Stephen Miller explains the difference between the right’s dumb chanting and the left’s violent mobs

You probably need your moral compass completely readjusted if you think a dumb chant at a ticketed rally is the equivalent to harassing people in restaurants and trying to break down the doors of the Supreme Court.

Yes the lock her up chant is ridiculous, but they chant it and then go home. It’s wrestlemania. It’s sport. It’s not antifa pulling people from cars for turning down a street or clawing at the doors of the SCOTUS building & the press knows it.

I’m also noticing a strange trend of pundits who ignored Hillary’s civility comments on CNN while condemning a dumb cathartic chant at Trump’s rally. If the gloves are off like she says, then the gloves are off.

Media, by not condemning Hillary, has no idea what she & they unleashed today. She justified assaults on Senators on their front lawns and a mass assassination attempt on a baseball field. You don’t get to wag a finger at a rally crowd anymore while ignoring that.

~ Stephen Miller

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