Suicide through tolerance

Two migrants have been given sentences of three and two-and-a-half years for beating a young Swede almost to death before violently raping his female friend. The government will try to deport only one of them, temporarily.

(Source: Breitbart)

The two African immigrants mocked their male victim, whom they presumed dead at the time, in a video uploaded to Snapchat. Then one of them brutally raped a Swedish girl. After their incredibly short prison sentences, only rapist Kenyan Fayed Mwangi, will be deported (although European governments have poor track records when it comes to physically deporting these “deported” immigrants). Mwangi had already been convicted for a rape in 2016, but apparently not in jail for that crime (anymore?). His friend, Richelieu Jarara, who will not be deported has a list of priors including violent crimes.

Aside from the stunning lack of appropriate action against these despicable and premeditated acts (per Breitbart, the two “[conferred] briefly before spraying the male Swede in the face with pepper spray”), what stands out is that this is yet another case of violent immigrants publically broadcasting their crimes against the native western population, mocking their victims, and taunting all of us. These thugs are clearly testing the resolve and strength of the feminized West, assuming that they will always be met with more understanding, tolerance and forgiveness no matter what they do. So far, sadly, they are proven right each time.

They take what they want, and they do what they want. Whether it is the hundreds of predators who carried out a taharrush the streets of Germany on New Year’s Eve 2015 / 2016  or the gang rapists who livestreamed their crimes on Facebook, none of them will ever face anything remotely resembling serious consequences in Europe. And they know it.

The West is committing suicide through tolerance. The left is so committed to their destrucrive ideology that they will never admit their complicity in this guerilla-style war on Western civilians. As long as they run our governments, our media, our courtrooms and our schools this will not stop, but it will only get worse.


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