Surprise America, your mob of left-wing terrorists is out of control

The mainstream media and the establishment left have been covering for Antifa’s violence for decades, but after Charlottesville they have started to openly celebrate and glorify it. Of course, in Charlottesville the targets were (predominantly, and in the media shown exclusively) actual white supremacists, neo-nazis and KKK members. People with horrible ideas, which makes it easy for people not to care if they get physically attacked. The problem with political violence and terrorism is that, if you support it when it’s aimed at people you don’t like, you simply support terrorism as a means, period. The only difference between them attacking people you hate and people you love, is perspective.

The establishment has been trying hard to implicate Trump and the entire right wing as guilty parties in the events of Charlottesville, but they have been the ones showing their colors. Their partisanship was made clear in the aftermath of the Islamic terror attack in Barcelona, and more so after the Boston Free Speech rally, which featured no neo-nazis and no white supremacists, but still lead to the left wing’s favorite terrorists erupting in violence and attacking the police.

The mainstream left praised them, emboldened them, encouraged them. Surprise, America: now your mob of left-wing terrorists is out of control.

Amid the shameless glorification of left wing terrorism in the mainstream media one has to turn to social media for a glimpse into the violent reality behind Antifa. The Charlottesville riot has been greedily taken as an excuse by mainstream news outlets and politicians – even some on the right – to justify Antifa’s violence. But this is not an incidental, heat-of-the-moment occurrence. The media have long ago adopted the terminology of the far-left, calling them by their own chosen nomer “antifascists”, which is of course the first thing that makes them sound like an acceptable organization to the casual observer.

CNN at least acknowledged Antifa’s use of violence at first, but later, at the far-left’s request, dropped their mention of “violence” in the headline of an article. This is the shameless, open whitewashing a violent group that has a long history of turning peaceful gatherings into riots, assaulting people, vandalizing public and private property, arson and much more.

Just one of the problems, albeit a very fundamental one, is that these “antifascists” have been allowed to decide for themselves who the fascists and the nazis are. Especially in the past couple of years, in the new age of political correctness, leftists have been constantly finding new things to be offended by, always trying to outdo one another in discovering wrongthink. In Boston, someone at the left wing counterprotest was beaten simply for refusing to say he hates white people. They call this “tolerance”.

You might have liked seeing nazis getting attacked by Antifa, but it was never “just” about nazis. The Boston Free Speech rally on August 19th had nothing to with Confederate statues, there were no extremists speaking, there was no racism, no white supremacy. Just a small gathering of right-wingers celebrating free speech in troubled times. The respectable right has been violently attacked by the far-left for decades. This is nothing new, and this is why it’s a bad idea to support anyone being attacked for their ideas. Anyone might be next.

Many Antifa members openly consider all Trump supporters and voters, i.e. over 60 million Americans, to be racists and fascists.

Since Antifa have been allowed to decide who the nazis are, that definition has come to include basically every police officer doing his job and protecting the right to protest of people disliked by Antifa. Who could have expected that from a group where almost every rally (riot) features only several signs that call for the murdering of cops.

So when there were no actual neo-nazis to attack, and the respectable right wingers were escorted away for their safety, the peaceful keepers of tolerance and decency turned on the police:

The use of violence and threats of violence to intimidate people into hiding or abandoning their political views is terrorism, and Antifa, Anti-Fascist Action, and similar groups by their many names worldwide should be treated as such. If they had any other underlying ideology than leftism, they would have been disbanded long ago.