Sweden: 90% of (attempted) murders committed by immigrants and children of immigrants

Sweden is being plagued by violent crime. A lot of it is caused by drug gangs and many of their members have a migrant background. Dutch mainstream media are at least writing about it, but use the article’s byline to emphasize that “this benefits populist right-wing politicians in the run-up to elections in september”. Because the real victims of exorbitant migrant crime rates are left-wing politicians who may lose power because they are the ones who have allowed this to happen.

The article cites an investigation by Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter last year showed that 90% of people suspected or convicted of murder or attempted murder since 2013 were immigrants or had at least one immigrant parent. The vast majority of them have a Middle Eastern or North-African background.

The mention that “Sweden’s image of being a carefree country where nothing ever happens is eroding” reminded me of the countless Europeans mocking Trump last year for referencing Sweden as an example of the destructive force of mass immigration and multiculturalism. But there is no reluctant admission that Trump was right in this article, in case you were wondering.



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