‘Sweden gives permanent residency to an Afghan murderer’

Voice Of Europe reports:

The Swedish Migration Court has overturned a 2015 decision, granting permanent residency to an Afghan migrant murderer, Aftonbladet reports. The 25-year-old man had a dispute over land and money in Afghanistan with his cousin. He killed him with a rock.


[His family] applied for asylum in 2015. The Swedish Migration Agency rejected their application, but the Migration Court has now overturned the decision and granted the family permanent residence – because the court considers it credible that there is a threat to the 25-year-old due to the conflict with his relatives. (…) once again Sweden sends a clear message to criminals that crime is an advantage rather than a disadvantage if they seek asylum in the country.

Sounds familiar though:

Netherlands: activist judge lenient on Afghan rapist so he wouldn’t lose his permit

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