Sweden: immigrant children suffer from ‘comatose until my parents get a permanent visa’-syndrome

Sweden is seeing a remarkably unique condition being dubbed ‘resignation syndrome’, which seems to only occur in Sweden and only in asylum seeker families and can be cured by giving the affected families permanent visas to stay in the country.

A photo of two resignation syndrome sufferers, 14 and 15 year-old sisters, was a contender for 2018 World Press Photo. The mysterious affliction has been occuring since 2000 and most patients are children between the ages of 8 and 15. The children are known to slowly retreat into themselves, show a decreased interest in social activities and ultimately resign into a comatose state.

All patients are asylum seekers, awaiting decision on their future. Most are from the former Soviet Union or the Balkan, some are Roma gypsies and in recent years there have been patients from Iraq and Syria. Swedish psychiatrists are urging government intervention. One compares the children to Snowwhite, saying “they are falling away from the world”. Psychiatrists believe the affliction is a response to the insecurity the children are facing, and they are concerned that the patients cannot receive proper treatment until they have been granted permanent visas.

Sweden has already changed its immigration laws, making it impossible to reject and deport the affected families. Mainstream media recount the story of 13 year-old Georgi, a “Russian refugee” (which is apparently a thing) who recovered miraculously after his family’s request for asylum was accepted. He had been in this comatose state for five months. In rare cases, like one of the sisters, it can last multiple years.

To make matters more bizarre, the affliction might be ‘contagious’. The first case occurred in the North of Sweden in 1998. Then more cases emerged in the same area. Almost as if, I don’t know, it is some sort of strategy employed by desperate people to get what they want

What these kids go through is tragic, and I do not believe children could fake this if they wanted to, let alone if they were forced to. But if this a psychological affliction, the ‘contagion’ is inexplicable. Moreover, if this is a response to insecurity or trauma, one would expect it to occur in different traumatic situations as well, not just asylum seekers awaiting visas, and certainly not just one country. We know that people from ‘other culture’ do not shy back from weaponizing their children as a means to an end. I don’t know if that is what’s happening here, but the mainstream media article on the subject does not make any suggestion that this option is being researched or considered at all.

It is not far-fetched to say that this could be a version of Münchhausen by proxy and it is striking that the mainstream media are not even entertaining the possibility. We are expected to accept to official story that this is a proven medical condition and the cure is (literal quote from the article:) ‘positive change’ (i.e. getting what they want).

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