Sweden: police make underaged rape victim collect rapist’s used condom

A painful “mistake” at the hands of the authorities (if there is such a thing left) in Sweden: an underaged rape victim received a letter from the police, demanding she come and collect “items which had been confiscated during police inquiry”. When she arrived at the station, it turned out the items were belongings of the man who had raped her, including the condom that was used during her own rape.

Police place blame at the feet of the district attorney’s office, saying the letter is part of standard procedure, where the police do not even see the items that are to be collected. That doesn’t make the ordeal any less traumatizing for the girl or her family though.

Criminals walk free for a misplaced comma in a police report, but there are no sufficient checks or interest groups for victims. Millions in tax payer money are spent to help child rapists in their legal defense and then in their fight against deportation. They are protected by the authorities, by the media, by politicians – all to avoid backlash against their precious communities.

This particular case in Sweden may have been dramatic happenstance, but it is part of a clear trend in which the perpetrators are being perceived as victims while the rights and needs of the actual victims are being obscured and forgotten.

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