Sweden’s capitulation: biggest music festival stops after continued sex attacks

More Swedish music festivals, more sex attacks, more police and media omitting details about the perpetrators, more eye witness accounts making it clear that they were – once again – migrants. The number of “no-go zones” (which don’t exist in the reality of the left) in Sweden have risen significantly over the past years, so much so that Swedish National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson has pleaded to the government for help in turning this escalating situation around. But if he’s lucky, no help will be needed and the problem will solve itself when Sweden finally capitulates – the organizers of the country’s biggest music festival, Bråvalla, are leading by example as they have cancelled next year’s event following another string of on-site sex attacks during this year’s edition.

Dozens of women and girls were sexually assaulted at the We Are Stockholm music festival in Sweden in 2016. It turned out that there had been multiple sexual assaults during the two previous editions of the same festival as well, perpetrated by Afghan immigrants. The assaults in 2014 and 2015 were kept quiet as the authorities feared that telling the people facts might benefit the right wing Sverigedemokraterna party, which sent the 50+ victims of 2016 unknowingly into the hands of their grateful attackers. It must suck for the left that reality is so racist.

(Excerpt from Why the feel-good vote is a left-wing vote. And why that’s wrong. May 10 2017)

Capitulation is really the only logical next step for Sweden, which has been submitting to the onslaught of immigrants non-stop. Since music is “haram” in Islam anyway, why not just stop provoking these poor Muslim immigrants with our music festivals, or anything else that’s fun for that matter?

Sweden is lost. May it serve as an exmaple for the rest of us not to follow in their footsteps.

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