Syrian jihadist arrested in The Netherlands more than one year after being recognized

Dutch police have arrested a 32 year-old Syrian today. The man was a member of terror organization Jabat al-Nusra and is believed to have been involved in acts of war and multiple deadly terror attacks in Syria. The man came to The Netherlands in 2014 and requested asylum, using a false passport. He was granted a permit, but in September last year he was recognized when he visited cultural / political platform De Balie during a showing of a documentary about Raqqa.

But there is nóóóóóóóó way terrorists could be posing as refugees to get into Europe.

The Dutch intelligence agency AIVD confirmed that the suspect was already known to them, which led to an uproar last year. It is unclear why the man was allowed to walk free all this time, and specifically how it was possible that he went to an event about the war in Syria and Iraq that was hosted by Syrian activists. Shortly after that episode, the suspect complained to Dutch media that: “I have my life and my work here. This could ruin everything.”

Poor guy.

The article does not specify why the man was arrested now and not the moment the AIVD noticed him, or even after he was recognized in Amsterdam – but a full year later.

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