Terror group Antifa attacks journalist Andy Ngo

Journalist Andy Ngo was violently attacked by an Antifa mob in Portland. From Gateway Pundit:

Quillette journalist Andy Ngo was hospitalized Saturday night with a brain bleed following a brutal attack by Antifa thugs as he covered dueling left-right demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, Ngo’s attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon said.

Reporter Andy Ngo Hospitalized With Brain Bleed From Brutal Antifa Attack: Lawyer

Washington Times continues to describe the Antifa terrorist organization as ‘activists’. Fits into a long history of mainstream media condonement, support and celebration of far-left political violence. When neonazis attack a gay pride parade, I’m sure the Washington Times headline would be ‘Gay protesters clash with bald activists’. Right?

Everybody who said “It’s just milkshakes” when the ‘milkshaking’ started was deceiving you or unforgivably naive. Everybody with a shred of common sense knew that it would not end with milkshakes:


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