The boy who cried ‘racist’

Racism is everywhere, if the left is to be believed. Drinking milk is racist. Owning a dog is racist. Tipping is racist. Dressing up as someone from a different culture is racist. Not showing an interest in different cultures is racist. Acknowledging different skin colors is racist. Not acknowledging different skin colors is racist. Stating that “it’s okay to be white” is racist. The most fanatical elements on the left, and many of them are in positions of significant influence, will unabashedly proclaim that “if you’re white, you’re racist”,1 while insisting that it is impossible to be racist against white people.

To be clear, people of all races can be racist against people of all races. There are no exceptions. The Merriam-Webster definition of racism is: “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” The left is engaged in a deliberate attempt to change that definition to include having “institutional power”. This way, everything white people do can be reduced to colonialism and thus racism, and at the same time non-whites can be easily absolved of their own racism. It is a transparent ploy to be able to attack white people on whatever basis, including the color of their skin and at the same time claiming immunity from criticism and pushback from their targets. The left understands the power of language and it has succeeded in changing the meaning of words and adding a political charge to them before.

Anti-racism campaigns run for a large part on engineered outrage. There is an endless string of supposed hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes, indicating that the demand for racism exceeds supply. There is racism in the world, obviously, and that is a terrible thing. But there is so little of it in the West, that the left has to resort to constantly declaring things, acts and symbols to be racist so they can keep fighting white supremacist windmills. I have no doubt that almost all anti-racism activists are convinced that they are fighting a good fight – they are working to destroy racism, who could be against that? Well, anyone who sees that seeking racism in trivial acts and words, injecting a racial charge in everyday situations, striving for racial segregation and excusing racism (ironically enough: based on the race of the target) today’s anti-racism is utterly counterproductive.

The left is the boy who cried ‘racist’. They have called out to us warning about racism so many times, and we have seen that it has been exaggerated or simply imagined so many times that it has become difficult to take them seriously anymore. Trivializing racism by applying it to innocuous things, distracts from actual racism and injustices. And the only ones who benefit from the normalization of racism by calling everyone racist, are actual racists. Ad hominem attacks like ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ and ‘nazi’ are so hollowed out by constant overuse against moderate, sincere and well-willing people that it is giving actual racists and nazis a change to emerge from obscurity. Either this is a price the left is willing to pay if it brings them political success, or they are seeing the results of their own actions are confirmation that they were right. ‘See those nazis we haven’t seen in ages? That’s because of all those other nazis we’ve been telling you about.’

Leave it to the left to turn a noble endeavor like the fight against racism into a loathsome display of partisan political hackery that is only – and often deliberately – creating more of what it is supposed to be destroying.

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