The cold, calculating left is using the people in the migrant caravan as pawns in a chess game 

Amidst question if the migrant caravan is being funded from within the US, I recently joked that perhaps President Trump is funding it himself. He’s not, of course, but in terms of ‘open borders’ PR this is so disastrous that if this has been a plan from the pro-immigration lobby, it has turned into a massive own goal. And let’s be honest, it seems a little too conveniently timed and a little too well organized to not be coordinated by or with US groups at all.

The latest ploy from the migrant caravan has been to file a federal lawsuit against the Trump administration. Apparently, the migrant caravan consists not only of engineers and doctors, but constitutional scholars as well.

And yes, the caravan has been timed to line up with the Midterm elections. The Democrats’ response will be timed too. They’ve had time to prepare, and the big question is if they’ll offer any actual solutions in stead of just a blind ‘let them all in’. As an act of ultimate cynicism, they could just be hoping for a violent confrontation at the border, and banking on the Democrat Media Complex to make President Trump look bad. It’s not impossible, but it’s not the most likely scenario. Perhaps they just thought that Americans would hate the military being deployed to actually keep the US safe. I wouldn’t be surprised if all Democrats were as confused as NYT cartoonist Patrick Chappatte about the purpose of the US Military).

I hope Americans won’t be fooled into thinking the left cares about these people. You don’t use people you care about as political props in this way, especially when putting them in actual danger. They mean to bombard the public with footage of exhausted women and children, while ignoring the violence committed by members of the migrant caravan. They mean to attack President Trump no matter what he does, preferably with horrendously misplaced but deliberate comparisons to genocide and nazism.

President Trump is offering all members of the caravan a chance to apply for legal immigration into the US, he is arranging temporary facilities for them to stay in. The only thing he is not doing, which is what the left is apparently advocating, is allowing them to enter the US and disappear.

This is no coincidence. It is a political test for President Trump from the Democrats, and it is a test of his resilience from the migrants. Many have pointed out the pictures of the caravan in which they are waving the flag of the country they are ‘fleeing’. Thousands of the migrants have rejected job offers in Mexico. Some are even refusing to seek medical attention for their children, but I’m sure some left-wing pundit will find a way to blame President Trump for that, too.

As the US celebrated Columbus Day just less than a month ago, it is interesting to see the left’s attitude to people immigration into America a couple of centuries ago and now. They are right of course, to note that the arrival of newcomers has been devastating for the native population. All the more bizarre that they support unbridled immigration and the outright erasing of borders today.

This shows that there is no actual ideology or idealism at the heart of the left’s immigration stance. They simply hate the west and they will always choose the side opposing the west, over the west itself. It is no exaggeration that they seek to destroy western civilization and everything it stands for. Their ideologues preach it, their radicals (who are embraced by the mainstream) advocate it and – literally – fight for it, and it can be deduced from all aspects of their political platform.

So I guess: vote, maybe?


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