The destructive left makes the west vulnerable to the enemies of freedom

In Dutch polls, the islamic party DENK (which comes from the Dutch word for “thinking” and the Turkish word for “equal”) has doubled its support. The party has three seats in parliament right now, and could go to a potential six. DENK has a distinct loyalty to Turkish authoritarian leader Erdogan, and serves the interests of islam and immigrants over those of The Netherlands and the west.

There are several “immigrant” parties active in The Netherlands, most notably several others in local politics. Their support may increase significantly over the coming years. A large part of their target audience chooses not to parttake in the democratic process on principle, but they will start to realize that they can much more effectively undermine that system from the inside. Our system is particularly vulnerable to this strategy, as democracy’s core value of freedom is defenseless unless it is protected against its enemies, including those who invoke the very freedoms they seek to destroy.

The west is extra vulnerable because of our self-destructive culture, which the left-wing establishment has made mainstream to the point that any counter-argument is immediately silenced with imputations and violence without ever getting into any kind of substantive debate.

Enemies of the west are being protected by the left, allowing them to hollow out our freedoms – ‘because if we don’t allow that, the enemies of freedom win’, or so they say. But when someone dares to go against that approach, the left has no problems sacrificing freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of assembly. And now we are coming to the point that universities are expelling students for ‘wrongthink’ (Dries van Langenhove, founder of Belgian activist group Schild & Vrienden is no longer welcome at the University of Ghent, and the Arteveldehogeschool is considering expelling another Schild & Vrienden activist, both after a manipulated and exaggerated MSM report). When the target is right-wing, there appears to be no problem in eroding freedoms in order to (supposedly) protect liberty from itself.

Back when it sounded like an impossible task, they told the right to start our own social media platforms, but now that that is becoming a reality, these platforms are being rejected almost everywhere and under constant attack. What is the next step? Are we to start our new, separate internet? Even if it can be done, it would never be the end of it. So I take it we’ll just have to start our own universities, too? And five or ten years from now? Are our utilities going to be cut off when we refuse to embrace “diversity” and multiculturalism? After all, things that sounded like hyperbolic nonsense five years ago are becoming reality today.

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