The far-left witch hunt extends into the extreme metal scene

Those unfamiliar with extreme metal genres like death and black metal may not expect SJW’s to meddling in affairs – or certainly not for them to be taken seriously and actually get their way. Sadly, they are and they do. Latest victim: Dutch death metal band Pestilence saw its upcoming tour in the US canceled by the venue owners over a band member’s online statements which were called ‘racist’ and ‘anti-semitic’ based on a lot of assumption and a mistranslation.

Singer / guitarist Patrick Mameli used the Dutch word “neger” in a lighthearted joke, which was erroneously translated by Facebook as “nigger”, while it is in fact a neutral word that is commonly used. The word has recently become a target for PC extremists in their latest iconoclasm, the word “neger” is not in any way similar to the American “n-word”. After a highly biased article was published on Metalsucks, which also included a far-fetched accusation of anti-semitism and the classic “he likes Fox News and President Trump”, the predictable outrage ensued with this result.

Annoyingly, left-wingers are starting to complain that President Trump is “everywhere” and they can’t escape him, and naturally they need to practise “self-care” or have safe spaces or pet kittens or whatever it is they do – all while it is the left which has been injecting politics into all aspects of our lives for decades. Just like they have been coming after artists, polticians, civilians over politics. They have loved playing these games as long as no one else was playing.

This must end. Stop financing the people who hate you and start supporting the people who deserve it.

Left-wing extremism has fully usurped the mainstream left since Donald Trump entered the political arena. On their heels, Antifa appears to feel emboldened and they have been ramping up their terrorist activities. Several metal bands have been targeted in the past two years, like Norwegian black metal bands Taake (February 2018) and Marduk (March 2017). The ease with which promotors bow to the threats of the far left only makes the far left seem bigger, stronger and more relevant than it really is.

I’m off to buy the new Pestilence album.


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