The Islamic elephant in the room strikes twice in one day, again

Exactly one week after we saw two terror attacks on one day, in Turku (Finland) and Cambrils (Spain), Europe is hit twice in one day again, this time in London and Brussels. Both cities have seen Islamic terror attacks in the past, and these attacks are thankfully a lot smaller in scale.

Europe is not what it once was. There has always been violence, even terrorism, but not in as long as I can remember as widespread and often as it is now. The West is at war with radical Islam, and still our leaders refuse to even acknowledge it. If this campaign of Islamic terror is not a guerilla war against the very foundations of our civilization, then what will ever fit that description?

The brave people protecting us in the military and police forces are being specifically targeted by Islamic terrorists, and yet in some countries governments are considering disarming parts of the police force. While we know terrorists are coming in as refugees, our governments are still allowing refugees to keep pouring in, while they have no way of telling the refugees from the terrorists and fundamentalists. Our governments welcome back people born in the West who have taken up arms on the side of the enemy. Our governments and media refuse to address the gigantic Islamic elephant in the room.

How many more Europeans need to die in the streets before we vote them out? Before we take a definitive stand against the barbarism that has been imported into our midst? How many more women and children need to be massacred before enough people open their eyes to bring this to a halt? What will it take to get them to stop looking the other way?

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