The islamization of The Netherlands – a case study

Political islam is an inseparable element of islam, the religion, and islam, the culture. Wherever there is islam, there is political islam. And political islam is radical islam. Radicals are always the first to venture into new terrains of battle – that is not unique to islam. But the politicization of islam in our midst poses a serious risk. It is the infiltration of islam in our governing institutions, the validation of islam as a separate cultural identity in the west and a radicalization tool for Muslims in the rest of society.

As with all serious problems, especially those caused by the left, the left will only see this in a positive light: Muslims are participating, and that means they care about democracy, the west and us. The opposite is true. Muslims organizing themselves politically around their islamic identity are actively rejecting and opposing the western countries in which they reside. They could support any part of the political spectrum, but they are rejecting it in its entirety. The message: western democracy is not good enough – they want society to be organized according to islamic doctrine. As we have seen after the “Arab spring” in 2010, radicalizing islamic countries often use democracy to abolish democracy. It happened in Iran decades ago, it’s happening in Turkey now.

The islamic political parties popping up in western Europe are not platforms for enlightened, westernized, modern Muslims. DENK in The Netherlands is run by radical supporters of Recep Erdogan who routinely place the interest of Turkey and the massively pro-Erdogan Turkish communities in The Netherlands, above the Dutch national interest. A political party simply called Islam in Belgium strives to turn Belgium into a “100% islamic state”, to obligate schools to offer halal meals and for the separation of men and women on public transportation.

Saudi Arabian influence
Saudi Arabia spends billions each year on spreading conservative islam (wahhabism). When the current migration crisis started, Saudi Arabia offered no help or asylum to any refugees (or other migrants), but they did offer to send millions to Germany to open 200 new mosques. Many mosques in the west are funded by foreign islamic governments. They are used to spread political power, to influence. To conquer.

Last april, the Dutch parliament was angry to learn the As-Soennah mosque in The Hague was funded by the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society (RIHS), which has ties to Al Qaeda – two of its international branches are marked by the US as terrorist organizations. The intelligence service had notified The Hague of suspicious money coming in from Kuwait in 2017, but no steps had been undertaken since. At least 30 more islamic organizations in The Netherlands requested or received money from countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The As Soennah mosque has been controversial for a long time, after praising violent jihad, preaching death for apostates and promoting female genital mutilation. The cherry on the cake: As-Soennah mosque is an offically acknowledged charity, and donations are deductable from taxes.

Turkish influence
The Netherlands has 150 Diyanet mosques, which means they are part of a network of thousands of state-coordinated Turkish mosques (85,000 in Turkey and 2,000 abroad). The Turkish government’s religious authority is very actively involved with these mosques, their imams and the sermons. Again, these mosques are not used to lift visitors up spiritually, but to influence them politically – emphasizing people’s islamic identities, their duties to their religious communities, and consequently: turning them against the west. Diyanet mosques are required to read the sermon provided them by the state, but they can choose whether to use the one written in Ankara, or one written by a Turkish-state employee in The Netherlands. At least one Turkish-Dutch mosque had a sermon last March which defended the Turkish attack on Qurdish troops in Afrin, during which our allies in the fight against ISIS became victims of war crimes and saw little to no support from Western countries.

Like the aforementioned As-Soennah mosque, Diyanet mosques are acknowledged charities, and donations (to foreign government insitutitions that is!) are deductable from taxes.

A left-leaning (then, at least) political scientist by the name of Machteld Zee published a report on radical islamist countries financing mosques in Europe, but she was shunned by her colleagues, branded an ‘islamophobe’ and ‘xenophobe’ – ensuring no serious debate on the topic would follow.

Austria set a better example when it closed seven controversial mosques and deported 40 radical imams. Erdogan’s response was telling: he called the move an affront to Muslims in Austria and ‘warned’ that it brought the world ‘a step closer to a war between crusaders and crescent moon’. Rejecting radical foreign religious institutions is interpreted by a foreign national leader as an act of war. That is not because he is concerned about the spiritual wellbeing of his fellow-Muslims. It’s because he is losing a tool that allowed him to exert influence over Turks in the West.

Radicalization of Muslims in the West
Research done by Dutch sociologist Ruud Koopmans shows that around half of Muslims living in Europe are fundamentalists. Across the world, an estimated 50 million Muslims are prepared to use violence to ‘defend’ islam. Surveys done in 2014 showed that around 70% of young Turks and Moroccans in The Netherlands supported the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The Dutch sociocultural bureau SCP concluded in June that Muslims are becoming more religious. A longer stay in The Netherlands, new generations, increasing education levels are not leading to more secular attitudes in Muslim communities.

They are not blaming islamic community leaders, they are not blaming the lack of action from government – no, they are blaming “the rejection of Muslims by Dutch society” and basically the old “islamophobia” chestnut. The establishment have ignored all warning that the creation of islamic quasi-enclaves would lead to further internalizing of their communities, a larger divide between the islamic communities and Dutch civilization. That the foundations of Islam are incompatible with the foundations of Western civilization. But for once, the left-leaning establishment trusted a ‘laissez-faire’ approach and trusted that Muslims would spontaneously join the West and embrace freedom.

Obviously, they didn’t. And they won’t.

That same research shows that the percentage of Muslims among Moroccans has not changed in the past 10 years (while that among Turks is slightly down). No less than 84% of Moroccan Muslims are fundamentalists while 94% of Moroccans are Muslims – so that means 79% of all Moroccans in The Netherlands are fundamentalists. But it’s our fault that they are not participating in society?

Neighboring countries show that the indoctrination of children starts early: both Belgium and Germany are seeing alarming signs of islamic radicalization among kindergartners. This behavior includes children reciting the Quran in Arabic during recess, skipping school on Fridays, calling class mates “pigs”, but there are also kindergartners threatening to kill “infidels” and sliding their finger across their throats as a threat.

Among first and second generation Turkish Muslims, increasing numbers identify more with Turkey than with The Netherlands. 72% of Turks in The Netherlands voted for Erdogan in last month’s Turkish elections. Erdogans victory was celebrated extensively by masses chanting Allahu Akbar, showing Turkish-nationalist ‘Gray Wolves’ hand signs and honking horns and waving flags.

The role of the left-wing establishment: normalizing radical Islam
The goal is islamization, the method is infiltration. The left-wing establishment has welcomed an enemy into our midst and has allowed him to organize and build self-supporting infrastructures. Part naivité, part blind commitment to failed ideology – the left has undermined, and continues to undermine, the sovereignty and safety of the West. They have steered us onto a path towards civilizational suicide.

The political class is not only tolerating the rise of islamic, anti-Western radicalism – it is actively helping it. The local government of Amsterdam has been subsidizing one of the most notorious fundamentalist mosques in the city, which has been using the public funds for “theology” lessons. Amsterdam’s tax payers have been paying for children to be indoctrinated with radical salafism by known islamic extremists.

As mayor of Amsterdam, Jozias van Aartsen (of the ‘center right’ establishment (i.e. left-wing) VVD party), has said during a city council meeting that we should ‘accept salafist Muslims and extend a hand towards them’. He remained silent when a Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam became the target of a terrorist attack but did explicitly use the word “attack” when a beheaded dummy was left outside a mosque. Van Aartsen didn’t take back his words about accepting salafists, instead doubling down and stating that “salafism is not a branch of Islam.” – in spite of the national anti-terrorism coordinator describing salafism as an ‘ultra-orthodox branch of Islam, the tenets of which are irreconcilable with the Dutch constitutional state.

In 2009, Rotterdam saw its first Muslim mayor instated: Ahmed Aboutaleb of the Dutch ‘Labour’ party (PvdA). He was known as fairly modern Muslim. But in an interview in December 2017, he said “all Muslims are, to an extent, salafists” and referred to himself as a “jihadist”. Jihad does not have to mean ‘violent jihad’, and he explained his words to mean an internal struggle. Also: “‘salaf’ means ‘predecessor’, and a salafist is someone who wants to model themselves after their predecessor.” In the case of Muhammed, that is rather problematic – which is why salafism is problematic. It does not help to dilute difficult and foreign terms this way.

The left’s almost unconditional defense of Islam empowers the deceivers in the islamic communities. Many in the West are unfamiliar with the islamic belief system and some of the terms that go with it. Radical islam exploits that ignorance by putting up smoke screens about Islam, the Quran and their own goals for the societies they are occupying. The establishment is made up of useful idiots who gleefully parrot their lies, if only to uphold their own crumbling world view in the face of an increasingly restless native population.

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