The left has made it acceptable to market political books to children

Isn’t it interesting how terms like ‘social awareness’ and ‘social justice’ always happen to refer to left-wing stances, and never to traditionalist, nationalist or capitalist ideals? This stems from the tactic of painting the left as inherently positive while painting the right as inherently negative – and at the same time it is part of that tactic and subtly reinforces that idea. Many who only look at these political manifestations and don’t give them a second thought are continually inundated with the notion that “left = good, right = bad”.

You can not only publish explicitly political books for kids without any backlash, you can promote them in stores as “social awareness”. If you would include books that promote right-wing values like freedom, individuality and merit-based judgement over identity politics, those would be labelled indoctrination – while they are the same thing. The only difference is the political agenda of the powers that be.


Update November 2 2018: 

PragerU reads some of these books for you:




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