The left has solved terrorism

Terrorism is over, everybody! It’s all gone, and we actually have the left to thank for it. Here’s what they’ve come up with: we’ll just not call anything terrorism anymore! And everything will be fine, of course.

Terrorism: defeated!

It started this Summer, when we were suddenly faced with a remarkable surge in “bewildered” or “confused” men attacking random travellers on public transportation, or targetting jews or police in broad daylight attacks. Strikingly similar attacks, in some cases accompanied by shouts of Alluhu Akbar. But no islamic terrorism, mind you…

And then came three Islam-inspired attacks in two days in the US – with a pipe bomb exploding alongside the road where a military 5k run should have been taking place, a mass stabbing in Minnesota and another bomb going off in Manhattan.

The Manhattan bombing was described as ‘deliberate’, but it was expressly noted that there were no signs of any terrorist intent. Even after the arrest of one Ahmad Khan Rahami the world waited anxiously to hear of his motive. What could it be, right?

Except the guy’s father already warned two years ago that his son had turned to radical islam and jihadism. So it looked like a duck, walked like a duck and quacked like a duck, and after three days of research the left are carefully starting to consider that we might actually be dealing with… a duck!

The left has never dealt particularly well with reality but now that it’s seriously coming back to bite them in the ass they are reaching some new lows…

Some reporters and politicians are going as far as suggesting we stop reporting acts of terrorism altogether, because that will “take the fun out of it”. By which logic we might as well stop reporting any news event, instead just curling up into the foetal position, closing our eyes and hoping all the bad things will simply go away.

The really interesting thing is that one side of the political spectrum is now openly saying it doesn’t want people to know what’s going on in the world, basically because it doesn’t fit their political agenda. I don’t remember them suggesting we stop giving bankers so much attention when banking scandals were all over the news. But in their mind apparently it’s no problem to hush up the traumatic violent deaths of innocent people out of fear that muslims might get a funny look from people on the subway. Just like the Swedish police decided not to report the mass sexual assault of festival goers in 2014, so that dozens of girls went unprepared and unaware in 2016 to get – surprise surprise – sexually assaulted by gangs of migrants.

But hey, what are these girls’ mental health and physical integrity worth if it means you might avoid some people voting for the right wing Swedish Democrats party? I’m sure they were all happy to participate in the police’s little social experiment.

The left’s ideological bankruptcy is becoming clearer by the day and the veil of their destructive deceptions is seriously slipping. Patriottism is surging all across the west and it is a much needed impulse to steer our great civilization away from certain doom. Never stop spreading the truth that the left does not want us to see.

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